5 tips for a new kinda Christmas

It's time to say Good-bye to Christmas Past

I have this incredibly delightful book, Simple Abundance- A daybook of comfort and joy by Sarah Ban Breathnach. It has come and gone from my life over the years but there is one passage in particular that has stuck with me. Breathnach shares that today's Christmas celebration was born in the Victorian era. It was then that women started to create a holiday that was full of pomp and circumstance. What hit me hard was this...

they began "doing" Christmas in JULY!

That's right. Women began making decorations, quilts, etc. in July in order to be ready for the holiday season. Now, women are "doing" Christmas at the same intensity, along side the millions of other things on their "to-do" list but in 4 WEEKS.

No wonder I felt exhausted Christmas morning. I was attempting to cram 5 months of stuff in two weeks while working, caring for my family etc. etc.

I felt a deep sense of relief knowing that this was impossible. I was able to give myself permission to do something different and look at things though a different lens.

If I wanted to have a joyful Christmas, I could do just that on my own terms! It was time to let those expectations of the past go and come up with a more realistic and authentic version of a The Holiday Season.  

Here are five tips that helped me slow down and examine what makes a magical Holiday:

  1. Ask yourself, "What do I love about Christmas?" Let that be the focus when making choices on what traditions and rituals to keep and which ones to let go.

  2. Ask yourself, "What is this season really about and how is that going to show up for me this year?"

  3. Simplify. How can Christmas Dinner be simple? How can you simplify the shopping, the wrapping, the baking? If it stays on the list, what does it look like to do it with ease? Do you have to delegate? Ask for help? Lean into this this year and see what happens.

  4. Cross it off the list. Take a deep breath and cross off a couple of "must do's". What would happen if you did this?

  5. Make the choice. You could be joyful, merry and bright or you can be a stressed out grinch. The choice is yours. If you feel your inner "Gayle" taking over, take a breath. Remember the reason for the season and tell her to take a back seat. You heart-centred self's got this!

How I love Gayle. She is such a great reminder to me to NOT go there

This year, I have created The Happy Holiday Sisterhood for those of you who want to manifest a more meaningful and authentic holiday. I invite you to join us and courageously choose simple, heart-centred solutions to holiday overwhelm.

Hope to see you next week!

Cate BaioComment