Put. The Kale. Down.

Have you ever had one of those days that you just don't stop running? I know you have. It's like you can't catch a break or a breath. Those are crazy days. Then, you come home, and still have to make a wholesome dinner for your family.

I am here to share with you what a very wise woman once told her daughter...

Put. The Kale. Down.

I am sharing these words of wisdom with you because they are gold. Sometimes, we have to take a step back and think of plan B. If the Kale salad is going to make you snap at your kids or put you over the edge, is it worth it? What's in the freezer? Take-out tonight? Seriously. Eat well, but don't lose your mind over it.

We put so much pressure on ourselves. We want to do the best for our families and sometimes in the thick of it, we can't see an alternative. It doesn't make you a bad person because you didn't feed your family greens tonight. This is just another practice in letting go. Sure I could give you a million tips on how to be prepared, meal prep and so on, but that's what Pinterest is for. I'm here to tell you

you are not alone

What would happen if you gave yourself permission to be imperfect?


And if you haven't figured it out yet, the Kale is simply a metaphor. It's not really about the kale. We can leave the Kale out of it. It's just trying to make us feel good. The reality is... 

We take on too much! And we are left asking the question, "How does she do it?"

Guess what? She doesn't.

No one does it all. It is a construct that we believe to be true. It has been fed to us for decades and that messaging doesn't disconnect in our brains that easy. It takes time and conscious awareness to begin to rewire our brains to believe that normal IS normal. "Doing is all" is NOT normal.

In times like this, I encourage you to hone in on your values. What are they? What is really important to you? If you don't know, think about it. Come up with five words that embody how you want to live, act and be. For example, my words boil down to love, peace, courage, and joy. Then you can ask yourself, how is what I am doing in alignment with who I want to be and how I want to FEEL. If you are losing it because your are exhausted and the kale salad is going to put you over the edge then what would love do?

In the Happy Holiday Sisterhood we are going to take a closer look at these values and how they can guide us toward a meaningful holiday. If you are curious to learn more or feel like this would be a great place for you to be during the holidays, please join us. Together we are going to ramp up the fun and joy. (Even if means putting the kale back in the fridge).



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