Life coach living in Nelson BC, Specializing in authenticity.


Can you imagine living in alignment with your true self?  Realizing that you are your greatest ally, discovering your deepest potential and thriving?  
Sometimes we begin to ask ourselves if there is something more out there for us.  
We get a feeling that something isn't quite right.  I will help you explore that inner voice and what it is trying to tell you.

Cate put me in a very introspective place immediately and facilitated my process of discovering what I needed to look at and how I could accomplish my goals. I was able to move forward skillfully and at a very purposeful pace and accomplished much more than I expected.


Feeling Overwhelmed?

When you get that feeling that something isn't working, that you keep trying and not succeeding, that if you have to keep going like this you don't know what you'll do, you may be living out of alignment with your true self.

Sometimes figuring out what we want is the hardest part.  I will give you space to explore and identify your values and why you are on this planet.

Live in Flow

Imagine finding you inner voice and using it to guide you toward success.  
You have the powerand potential to live a fulfilled life.  

 It is with deep self-belief that success is achieved.  I will help you uncover any underlying beliefs that may not be serving you and bring awareness to your many strengths!


I had reached a point in my life where I was searching desperately for meaning. I termed it my existential crisis. I’m not sure exactly what precipitated it but I was heading into my 25th year of a very demanding and successful career, my son was away in University, I had many interests and creative avenues that I was pursuing, wonderful relationships and still I felt unfulfilled, sad and actually wondered why I was here. What meaning did my life have? I knew that I needed a new direction but at first I resisted coaching because I was not sure that I had the mental and physical energy to make major changes. Eventually I grew so desperate for answers that I was almost willing to confront the idea that I might have to find a new career, move from my home, do anything to give my life meaning.

My coaching with Cate immediately identified the many areas of angst in my life. Through exploration of my values, episodes in my life that had caused me pain or brought me joy and satisfaction; I began to visualize a purpose. What was most shocking and valuable for me was the realization that the life I was living was filled with moments of great purpose and unity. I had been unable to see how my current career would allow me to explore my inner longings and values and feel a great sense of meaning. With Cate’s gentle guidance and observations I was able to see my life in a clear light and see its worth.

Just as my coaching ended I was faced with a monumental challenge to my newly won sense of meaning. A crisis at work, which previously would have made me want to leave the career and start a new path, actually galvanized me. I used my newly realized sense of purpose to ballast me and support me. I entered into the difficult time with equanimity and hope. Something I would not have been able to do before coaching.
— T. Hart