Where do I fit in?

Yesterday, I looked at my planner for today and I realized there was no space for ME.

From 7am to 8pm I was running from one meeting, activity, or appointment to another. There’d be no time even to make dinner for the family, let alone look after my own self care.

Running from sun up to sundown is exhausting… AND part of the deal.

Sure, I could get take out. I could opt out of volunteering with my children’s school and cancel appointments, but I choose to do these things because they align with my values. I want to be an active participant in my children’s education. I want to prepare meals, not eat out. These things are important to me and sometimes (unfortunately) a bunch of these obligations land on the same day.

Do you ever feel you get squeezed out of the mix?

How often do you feel that your needs are the last on your list? Lost, or even forgotten. Have you forgotten to shower? Eat? Drink water? Yeah, you have. So have I.

What if you planned your day, your week, YOUR LIFE around Y-O-U?

A bit of a revolution but think about it. What if your needs were put on the list first. Then the rest of the pieces fall where they may. You might be surprised to find that all is okay. Including you.

No more going to bed with that sick feeling in your stomach that today, absolutely nothing was about you.

OMG! Imagine. Going to bed knowing that you cared for yourself as deeply as you do for all the wonderful beings sleeping under your roof. Having the experience that by taking care of you, you are better able to care for them. Totally cliché I know, but it's the damn truth.

That’s what I did today and so far so good.

When I realized my day was going to look like this, I moved up my wake up time to 5am. The alarm went off and I got a workout in, I wrote (most of) this little ditty and meditated before the kids started calling. I have to say it felt pretty fantastic.

Be the first rock in the bucket. Let the rest settle around you.

A friend and colleague of mine Brenda Adams uses the bucket analogy. When you fill the bucket with your rocks first (your top priorities, including your self-care), then the pebbles (the have to do, laundry, cooking, shopping, etc), and finally the sand (time suckers, FB, you know the list), it all fits. Reverse it and it doesn’t work.

Need some guidance in how to do that? Call me!

Do you know what your top self-care priorities are? Can’t see how you can possible fit them in? I can help you. In a strategic coaching session, we will find out what's most important to you and how you can find time for it in your day. This is probably the most precious gift you could give yourself.



Do you have a plan for self-care this summer season? The Happy Summer Sisterhood workshop is coming up! Make sure that this summer is at least a little bit about you, too!

We are about to dive into crazy busy family summer. How are you going to keep your self-care priorities on the table, between beach days, family visits, holidays and camping trips?

Join me on June 24th at 7pm for an evening to strategize with other women. Come away with a plan so that come Labour Day, you feel rested and balanced.

Yes, this summer can be better than you ever thought it could be.

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