Walking is the NEW Sitting!

I am SO excited to show you my new office!



I love the fact that now I can stand or walk and work! It was time for me to make a change and start moving more. But my 9-5 wasn't always like this...

It is coming up two years since I left my j.o.b. working in the fitness industry. As a programmer and fitness instructor I got a fair bit of activity. It was a good gig but my heart was whispering that I was meant to be of service to others in a different way. It took a huge leap of faith to leave stable employment for something a little less predictable but I followed my heart and became a transformational coach. (This is another story... stay tuned for that one.)

So here I am (almost) two years later and a lot softer shall we say? Yes. Somehow I can write that without wanting to hide under a rock. Saying this is much worse...  

I left my job teaching fitness classes and gained weight. 

Jeeze, that's hard to admit (again, I will save the pain of the vulnerability of sharing my weight up's and down's for another post). I have never been the Julian Michaels type (physically speaking) but I was always one of those "chubby but fit" types. Sadly, the truth is there is a lot more sitting in the coaching industry than there is teaching group fitness. Coach, read, write, repeat. I have tried to get creative with my fitness equipment, I even had a shelf built for treadmill to hold my laptop so I could type and walk, but looking down at my screen was bothering my neck. So that went out the window too.

Fast forward many months later and I am looking at this thing (thing being my treadmill) and saying to myself, "use it or lose it". Feeling inspired, I went out the other day and picked up a wireless keyboard, mounted a shelf for my laptop and hung a lovely vision board for my creative quotes and inspirations. 

It was time to claim my space, fix something that wasn't working and do something different. 

And by this, I am not only talking about my workspace. I mean me too. Time to reclaim my body, it's incredible imperfections and embrace this opportunity to emerge from my cocoon. I have speant two years in a 'personal growth hibernation'. Learning more and more about who I want to be in the world but this growth has happened on the inside.

Is it ok that my physical body has seen the consequences of this deep internal exploration? 

I can view the weight gain as a painful reminder that I couldn't do it all (heal, grow, learn and exercise). OR I could focus on what this two years has meant to my spritual and emotional evolution and embrace who I am right now know knowing that my journey has only just begun. My body will change as I explore this new way of being and what types of movement feel good to HER. On the other hand, there is a chance my body won't change much at all and maybe that's ok too. 


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