No one needs a coach.

So many times I have heard people say, "I need a coach".  I have said it myself.  Truth is, no one needs a coach.  Bottom line.  What does it mean to need something.  To me, if we need something, we are looking outside ourselves to get something fixed.  "I need to go to the dentist, I have a toothache".  "I need to call the plumber, our toilette is broken".  You get the idea.

Simple fact is, you don't need a coach.  It's true.  Life is pretty good.  

How do you answer when people ask, "How are you?".  "Fine? Good?  Ok?".  Probably, and that's alright.  We are used to the status quo.  It's comfy.  You know where you're at and you most likely know what's in store for you.  

But what if you want MORE?  What if the status quo isn't good enough?  What if you have a dream?  What if there is a quiet voice inside you that is whispering, "listen!"  What do you really want???  If these questions get you squirming in your seat you might want a coach.

That's different.

A coach is going to get you to squirm a little bit, and that's a good thing.  More importantly, you gotta want it.  You gotta want that brighter, bigger and more fulfilling future cause no one is going to get it for you except YOU!  There.  I said it.  It's up to you!  

You deserve good.  You deserve better.  In fact, you deserve the best!  You can get there.  No word of a lie.  As long as you want it!  The rest will come, the fear crushing, belief changing, courage building comes with practice (and coaching!). You will transform and fulfill your dreams, when you want it!


Cate BaioComment