Your Greatest Expression

I love this. To me, everything about this quote relates to coaching. In a nutshell, or should I say seed shell. Wink wink!

First of all, we all have the potential to achieve our greatest expression. I believe that. I believe that we were all born with the ability to reach our fullest potential whatever that may be.

Over time, some of us become bombarded by beliefs and commitments that undermine our greatest expression. They can come from a personal thought (“I can't do that!”), a cultural belief (“White men can't dance!”), something someone told us (“You were always chubby so you probably always will be”), or family beliefs and values (“It is important to be modest. Wealthy people are selfish and ostentatious”). These beliefs can become part of who we are; we use them automatically as we make decisions and move through life. We are living life subconsciously; going through the motions without reflection or thought of our deepest intent. Let us say that this becomes our shell.

In order for that shell to crack, you need to be ready for change. You are at that point in your life that you feel stuck, off kilter, out of alignment. Call it what you will, bottom line, you just don't feel right.

You begin to question. What do I want? Who am I? Your shell is cracking. With support, you can begin to explore these questions and come up with the answers that are true to you and your spirit. Coaches hold the space for you to explore, mirroring back to you what they see and supporting you as you choose the beliefs you want to let go of and the ones you want to keep.

The insides are coming out. You are going deep within yourself and discovering what is right for you. What do you value? What do you want for your future? Who do you want to be? This can be a very challenging time of growth and discovery. Herein lies the importance of perspective.

This could easily look scary. Too much or too difficult to take on. To the seed it is a very vulnerable position to be in; everthing is changing. Again, you are no different. What will happen if you turn out to be someone else than you had originally thought you were? What if you turn out to be different than what was expected of you by your family, friends or community? What then? Perhaps better left alone? Don't rock the boat...

With some courage and support, you can embrace the unknown, acknowledge the fear, deal with it, and move to a place of fulfillment. That perspective of “destruction” shifts to one that empowers you. The darkeness lifts. You are in a place of growth. You are able to accept and trust your journey. You can allow for the future to unfold and you become open to possibility. A coach will provide you with encouragement and celebration as you move into this new way of being. You will gain the strength, confidence and integrity to be who you are and who you want to become. You can reach your greatest expression!

Cate BaioComment