Gather a group of 6 or more and Cate will come to you to facilitate a workshop. Choose from the list or contact Cate and she will create a custom made workshop for your group and their needs!
This is a great alternative to a staff party, girls night out or 'grown up' birthday party!

The Resolution Revolution

Does the word, 'resolution' have you hiding under the covers? By the end of January, you feel like a failure because you have not stuck to your goals. You my friend, are not alone. It is painful to face the realization that we can't stick to our resolutions. We feel that we lack the will power, strength and the courage it takes to make the change we want to see in our lives.

There is a better way.

By learning how to set goals that are in alignment with our values and how to pace ourselves so that our goals are realistic and achievable, we can begin to see life long, rewarding changes we long for.

In this workshop you will:

  • discover your core values;
  • gain understanding of the bigger 'why' behind your goals;
  • create goal statements that will motivate you every day;
  • and learn the key factors in ensuring your success!

The Missing Link

We are told time and time again that holistic wellness incorporates mind, body and spirit. For many of us, the word 'spirit' can make us feel a bit uncomfortable. You might think, "Let's leave that one to the yogi's". But, in fact, mindfulness is a link to spirituality without the organized religion or 'hippy woo-woo'. It is something that can and will help you in your work (with staff or clients), and at play. 

In this session, we will courageously look at mindfulness and spirit and what they mean to us as individuals. We will then discover how we can bring these aspects into our personal and professional lives in order to increase our productivity and find more meaning in all that we do.