Braving The Holidays

Braving The Holidays

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In this workshop we will discuss what's working and not working about your holiday habits and traditions and brainstorm ways to create a more meaningful celebration.

Discover ways to feel more peace, love and joy while the power of the group encourages to create something that is deeply authentic to you.

Get a one-on-one coaching session to set you up for success!

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Braving The Holidays

Walk away from this Holiday season feeling deeply aligned with your values. In this workshop, we will brainstorm a holiday season that feels right for YOU. We will apply tools and strategies from Dr. Brené Brown’s work to support you in courageously doing things your way.

If you want to have a simpler holiday, consume less (food, plastic, etc.), buy less, play more, rest more, connect with others, spend time alone, you name it, you will not only be given permission to do the Holidays your way, you will learn strategies to keep you focused on what’s most important.

November 16th, 12-4pm, Nelson Chamber of Commerce

Price $149 or $129 before October 31st.

Price includes a one hour coaching session to use at any time between November 16th and December 31st to support you with your specific holiday intentions. (Valued at $100)