Life coach living in Nelson BC, Specializing in authenticity.

What I Do

Is there something you have always wanted to do or achieve?  

Would you like to explore what's stopping you?  

Would you like to dedicate time to discover your strengths and move toward your goals?  

If you answer "yes" to any of these questions, let's talk!


What I do...

[Cate] encourages to you find your strengths that lie deep within. [She] really listens and guides you in a positive direction and teaches you how to self-reflect.
— ACG, Nelson

I will work with you to create a thought provoking and supportive environment which will inspire you to maximize your potential. Coaching is a client-led process. You are the expert in your life and you hold the answers that you seek. I will assist you in revealing those answers that lie within.

What to expect...

  •  I will listen deeply and mirror back to you what I am hearing.
  • I will ask you powerful questions.
  • I will celebrate and acknowledge you as you align with your true self.
  • I will support you to discover, define and clarify what you want to achieve.
  • I will encourage self-discovery and mindfulness.
  • I will support you to find your own solutions and direction (I am not going to give you advice!).

2018-05-15DSC_5587.jpg self discovery shocked me. With Cate’s guidance If found a mindfulness I never knew I was capable of.


I always knew my career would involve empowering others.  I began by working in the fitness industry, but soon found myself wanting to support others in creating deeper change in their lives. That's when I discovered coaching and I have been grateful every day since.

With courage and faith I left the workforce and followed my heart.  Today, I am thrilled to help others do the same: listen to their inner voice and allow it to guide them toward their true path.

I believe everyone has the right to live a life they find deeply rich and fulfilling.  I am continually made aware of the power we all hold within us which enables this potential to flourish.  This is why I love what I do!


Let's have a conversation to see if coaching is right for you!


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