Braving The Holidays 

We all know what it's like to have a 'crazy Christmas'. Maybe you witnessed your Mother get stressed out about the holidays (like I did), or you walk into a store the day after Halloween only to be repulsed by the display of Christmas decorations (like I do), or perhaps you don't have a lot of family members around at this time of year and you feel out of place with all the messages you receive that you are 'supposed' to be with family, playing in the snow and dreaming by the fire. 


Regardless of your Christmas Story, I want to invite you to contemplate what it would be like to do the holidays ON YOUR TERMS.


A Bad Mom's Christmas

(Case and point)

It's time we take back the holidays AND do it without drinking in the Mall and dirty dancing on Santa's lap. Don't get me wrong, there is nothing like a little humour to reflect on our busy lives and see that we are not alone. And…

We deserve more options for creating authentic holiday traditions than the perfect ‘Pintrest Holiday’ or binge drink the holidays away.


It concerns me that this is what our culture presents to us as our options. Do it perfect, do it better than your neighbour or throw in the towel and drink. Don't mind me while I get serious for a minute. Reports show that alcoholism is on the rise for women. Of course it is! We are stressed to the max (especially during the holidays) and wine is the 'acceptable' way to relax, unwind and let go. 


It's time to take charge and create a holiday that is stress-less and full of meaning!


Take the time and space to explore what traditions bring you joy and the ones that stress you out.

Have meaningful conversations with your family on how to create a holiday that is deeply aligned with what is truly important to you.

Come out of the holidays feeling relaxed, connected, calm and full of joy!


Connect with like-minded women and create a holiday that leaves you feeling exactly the way you want to feel!


Join us for the workshop to get started!

You will also receive a one hour call with me at any time during the holiday season to stay grounded, focused and courageous as you plan your authentic holiday season.


Do this year different.

Cost: $149, $129 before October 31, 2020

Location: Nelson and District Chamber of Commerce

Includes: 4-hour workshop, a one-on-one coaching session, all supplies, snacks, and tea!

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Braving The Holidays

In this workshop we will discuss what's working and not working about your holiday habits and traditions and brainstorm ways to create a more meaningful celebration.

Discover ways to feel more peace, love and joy while the power of the group encourages to create something that is deeply authentic to you.

Get a one-on-one coaching session to set you up for success!


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